Concert Series

Concert Series: Selena Gomez

Welcome to Concert Series, where I talk about the concerts I’ve been to, my (sometimes crazy) experiences at them, and tips for surviving them. Today, I’m talking about my first ever concert, Selena Gomez.


At the age of nine, I attended my first concert. Selena Gomez was performing at a big fair near my house, and my parents surprised me with tickets. I had no idea what a concert was really, or any idea of what it would be like going to one at my age.

Thankfully, my two-years-older-than-me friend Emma was also going, and she knew what was up. Obviously she did, because she read J-14! Any girl who read J-14 knew what they were doing, AND how to look cool doing it. Who was even wearing stud earrings anymore? The gold was in those dangling butterflies. (My virgin, unpierced ears were sad to be left out, but I think I wore clip-ons to the concert; high fashion was my middle name.)

Getting into the stadium, I learned we were on the ground floor. Wow! What my second grader brain didn’t realize was that since we weren’t in the stands, I wouldn’t be able to see over the heads in front of me. In those moments before the show, I was blissfully unaware I would spend the next hour and a half jumping up and down, trying to get a glimpse of the girl I looked up to most, all while singing along to my favorite songs.

My mom let me borrow her ocean blue little Nikon camera, and I tried my best to take pictures. I mostly just ended up taking pictures of the big screen since I was so short, but I still loved the pictures I got, and even framed my favorite one.

I’m honestly so glad my first concert was for an artist I truly loved, and still do to this day. I will never forget when the lights went down, the crowd started screaming, and the first notes started playing.

Below are some things I learned at my first concert. Tell me about your first concert experience in the comments!


A few things I learned the day of my Selena concert:
1. Standing on chairs is unacceptable, even if you are 4′ 9″
2. If you aren’t right against the stage, she won’t see you, no matter how loud you yell her name
3. Go to the bathroom before the show. BEFORE.
4. Bright pink eyeshadow, a ponytail, sneakers with flowers, and a sparkly hat are always appropriate for a concert
5. You will probably not meet the artist (unless  a. They are a smaller artist and are playing at a smaller venue, or b. If you know where the backdoor is and you’re able to get there right after the show/wait a while for them to come out.) This was a hard thing for nine-year-old me to process and come to terms with. I’m still waiting for my hug Selena.



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