1000 Paper Cranes

Fold 1000 paper cranes
and you will be granted one wish

Anything you desire,
so long as you make 1000 cranes

But what if you don’t get to that number?
What if you stop somewhere along the way?
Will bad luck be bestowed upon those who do not complete the task?

Where did he go, why did he go
Was it because of the 200 cranes beneath my bed
Uncompleted to a thousand

The bitter feeling in my chest tells me this is no game
No 1000 paper cranes
No 1000 ways to say
I told you so

Let us pretend the doubts we feel
Are buried under the bed as well
Hiding in hopes they will never be found
I cannot understand why

1000 paper cranes
I know you are not completed
But maybe you can take a partial wish, do just a bit of magic
Please bring him back, safe and kind
Sitting alone here makes me desperate

Paper cranes under the bed, I promise I will string you high
If you could soar into the sky and find him along
1000 paper cranes, I make my wish early
Let me someday forget how it feels it sit alone
1000 paper cranes will only grant one wish

You will have 1000 friends call your own.


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