2017 Resolutions

But because there’s a stigma now, I guess we’ll call these goals.

2017 is here! Time to celebrate, cry, scroll through picture after picture of fireworks/party hats/collages, and eat all the food you want! Just kidding. Don’t you know one of my resolutions is to be more healthy?

Millennials are funny. We can make the strangest things popular, destroy traditions, create new ones, bring things to fame and pull them right out again. New Year Resolutions seem to be the thing we’re all harping on now. “You shouldn’t need a new year to start making goals!” “Resolutions are so dumb, if you make them then I’ll cut you out in 2017.”

Um, what?

As someone who often enjoys the tackier things in life, I don’t think resolutions for the new year are such a bad thing. Sure, I can agree that you shouldn’t need a new year to make goals. But what if you do? We all get in slums, and mine just so happens to come during winter. So yes, I will make some resolutions for the following year! And yes, we both know I won’t stick to 80% of them.. but honestly, who’s even keeping track?

Side note, I happen to think goals and resolutions are different things. Resolutions are, in my mind, things that one would like to improve on, learn how to do, or just generally something one wants to do to better themselves. Goals, on the other hand, can be completely arbitrary, having nothing to do with personal growth. So, without further ado,

Nina’s 2017 Resolutions (and Goals)

1) work out three times a week
2) get at least seven hours of sleep a night
3) make more art, any type of it
4) care less about what people think of you
5) fall in love
6) write more
7) read more
8) learn one good dinner recipe
9) keep my fish Elliot alive
10) watch the entirety of Friends
11) start a people watching journal
12) start a youtube channel
13) enjoy life more

If I think of more, don’t think I won’t add them to this list.

Happy 2017 everyone!! Make this year your best one yet. No matter what happens this year, you will remember it by how you treat it. Look forward, be positive, try your best, and remember that life has hardships. 🙂








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