Welcome to Peachy Mean, a blog for classy people by a less than classy person. This blog was created with the intent to make others happy, as well as help me make sense of everything in my head. Here you’ll find posts on art, fashion, books, beauty, lifestyle; anything I feel like, really. Hope you enjoy your time with me, and you’ll come visit again soon!

About me? Well gee, I’ve never been good at talking about myself, but lets give it a shot..

My name is Nina, and I live in Washington. I like performing onstage in musicals, and in my spare time I enjoy reading and writing. A new hobby I’ve just picked up is painting, though I’m still rubbish at it. I have an unordinary fondness for pins, and I strongly prefer the colors yellow and pink to most other colors. I am terrible at painting my nails, and I never learned how to type correctly. I started this blogĀ in June/July of 2016.


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